◆ Current CCIE Lab Exams Extended, Migration to Occur on April 27, 2020 from Chris Jacobs

We are communicating to our CCIE community that we are extending the timeline for the CCIE lab exams and CCIE certification migrations, from February 24th to April 27, 2020. This means that you can take the existing CCIE lab before April 27, or choose to take the new CCIE lab on or after April 27th.


Q: Will there be any further extension for the CCIE lab exams?

A: The existing CCIE lab exams will be available through  April  26,  2020.

Q: How will CCIE  certification  migrations be impacted?

A: CCIE certifications will be migrated to new certifications on April 27, 2020.

Q: Will the written CCIE exams be extended as well due to the closing of Pearson Vue sites in China?

A: No, written exams will transition to the new core exams on February 24, 2020.

Q: How do exam vouchers work?

A: An exam  voucher allows  a candidate to schedule an exam appointment and use the voucher for payment of the 100% the cost of the exam.

Q: Will this impact other elements of the transition to the new certifications?

A: No, all other certification tests will go into effect as planned on February 24, 2020. 

Q: Are your testing centers safe?

A: We are taking appropriate steps to ensure the  health and  safety of  customers, partners and employees at  our testing centers.

Q: How does this affect CCIE recertifications?

A: Candidates need to follow the guidelines for the new Recertification policy that goes into effect on  February  24,  2020.

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