CCIE参考書:CCIE v5.1 Foundations: Bridging the Gap Between CCNP and CCIE

Ciscoさんとしても、CCNPとCCIEの難易度に対して「GAP」という認識はしっかりとあったようで、タイトル通り素晴らしい参考書が 2017/06/01 に発売されることになりました。

Ciscopress:CCIE Routing and Switching v5.1 Foundations: Bridging the Gap Between CCNP and CCIE (Practical Studies)



• Discover the physical topology for any network deployment

• Master Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) foundations and advanced features

• Deploy and optimize PPP and use its full set of capabilities

• Implement Dynamic Multipoint VPNs (DMVPNs) from start to finish

• Use IP Prefix lists in prefix filtration, packet filtering, and other applications

• Handle any RIPv2 deployment scenario n Implement EIGRP, including classical and named operation modes and interoperation

• Use advanced OSPF techniques, including route filtration, LSA operation, stub configurations, and update filtering

• Understand what happens when you perform redistribution, and manage problematic scenarios

• Manage complex BGP capabilities, including Adjacency State Machine

• Operate IPv6 in complex network environments, including DMVPN

• Focus on QoS mechanisms that CCIE still covers, including traffic marking, classification, policing, and shaping

• Deploy IPsec VPN solutions including GRE/IPSec tunnel mode, multi-site VPN technologies, and their encryption

• Implement multicasting in environments requiring end-to-end IPv4 and IPv6 transport

• Address operational and deployment issues involving MPLS VPNv4 tunnels


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